Fences for the purposes of privacy, protecting children and pets or the enclosure of pools and other property can be erected within the manicured yard area. The natural border between properties is intended to serve as a beautiful, ‘living fence’ of native trees and shrubs, that will provide an additional measure of privacy and enable wildlife to move along the rear of yards. Therefore:

  • no fencing will be allowed within 20 feet of the rear property line of interior lots and within 80 feet of the rear property line of river lots, in order to encourage the expansion of the adjacent forest and grasslands and allow the sharing of the peripheral yard with wildlife.
  • fences will not be approved within existing forest areas.
  • subject to the above, fencing within the natural border will be restricted to side yards only using open fence designs such as chain-link or low visibility wrought iron, steel or aluminum with native plant materials on both sides.
  • bollards, cairnsor other property markers are suggested to establish yard limits.
  • perimeter fencing on the front property line is not permitted. Any ornamental fencing within the front yard must be approved by Qualico Communities and/or the Homeowners Association.

All fencing not described above will be subject to the approval of Qualico Communities and/or the Homeowners Association.

The above information is available in this handy download: Naturalized Areas and Fencing Requirements.