Landscape Design

This illustration is available to print in the handy download: Naturalized Areas and Fencing Requirements

Each yard has three areas of consideration for landscape design:

  1. building footprint and driveway
    This area is defined as the location of your home and driveway on the lot.
  2. manicured yard
    This is the tended yard between your home and the natural border around its perimeter. The manicured yard area will include lawns, decks, pools and any other improvements that need regular care and maintenance.
  3. natural border
    The perimeter of each property is to be planted with native grasses, tress and shrubs. You may add trees and shrubs once the grasses are mature, which takes about three years. The intent of having this naturalized area is to create an extension of the natural condition of the adjacent riverbank and Public Reserve where everything grows freely without the regular maintenance associated with a manicured yard. (If you have to mow it or trim it, it belongs within the “manicured zone”, not in your natural border). If you wish, you can also create pathways and secluded sitting places within this naturalized area.

    The natural border of the property is defined as:

    the perimeter of your property, which is planted with native grasses, trees and shrubs. It includes:

    • the first 10 feet of front yard plus the boulevard,
    • at least five feet in from your property line on each side, and
    • at least 80 to 90 feet of the back yard for River Lots, and at least 10 to 30 feet of the back yard for Park Lots.

    Homeowners are required to provide a detailed landscaping plan
    to Qualico Communities and/or the Homeowners Association,
    indicating their plans for the above areas before planting begins.

    Riverbank Considerations

    In this natural neighbourhood, trees are respected and the riverbank forest must, in large part, be maintained and preserved. Therefore, any trimming for framing of views or removal of riverbank trees is subject to the approval of Qualico Communities and/or the Homeowners Association.

    Development within the Riverbank Zone, (at least 80 to 90 feet from the rear property line), may also be subject to the approval of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, the R.M. of Headingley, Qualico Communities and/or the Homeowners Association.