Q & A

  1. What will my Natural Border look like?
    It will look much like a prairie meadow and woodland, with graceful grasses, bright wildflowers and stately trees.
  2. How much of my yard has to be natural?
    There must be a natural border allowed along the front, sides and back property lines, with the manicured yard in the area nearest the house, if you wish. Please see YOUR YARD, Landscape Design for the measurements of the natural areas.
  3. How tall are the native grasses?
    Depending on what is planted, amount of rainfall, sunlight, and the length of the growing season, they can range in size from about half a foot to four to five feet high.
  4. Can we have trees and shrubs within the natural border or just grasses?
    Yes, once the native grasses have matured – likely three years from initial planting – you can plant trees and shrubs. The native grasses will be planted on your behalf by Qualico Communities’ contractor; the trees and shrubs by you.
  5. Can I have a pool?
    Yes, in the manicured area of your yard.
  6. Can I fence my property?
    Yes, provided it meets the Fencing Guidelines. (Please see YOUR YARD, Fencing)
  7. Can I remove the trees to have a view of the river?
    In this natural neighbourhood, trees are respected and the riverbank forest must, in large part, be maintained and preserved. Therefore, any trimming for framing of views or removal of riverbank trees is subject to the approval of Qualico Communities and/or the Homeowners Association.
  8. Won’t the water in the wetlands attract mosquitoes?
    A healthy, productive wetland provides a good population of creatures such as dragonflies to eat mosquito larvae. Homeowners are encouraged to plant vegetation and erect birdhouses that will attract even more insects and birds to come and dine on any mosquito larvae. Also, Assiniboine Landing wetlands are deep enough to get some wave action that will further reduce the larvae population.